Moving ahead of tattoo prices

Welcome to our tattoo blog. This is our second blog about tattoos. The first among them are out top Blog Age less art Tattoos . Our first thought were to brought the whole tattoo prices factor that many don’t know. But the love of our users have made us to grow the entire site to a different level. Now we share a lots of stuff about tattoo designs and guides to help you all out.

The world of tattoo is awesome. We love it. There are inumerous possibilities and design one can get that are even hard to imagine by anyone.

During the stage we have learned a lot about tattoos. The new things include are the glow in the dark tattoos. Do you know that glow in the dark tattoos reveals itself in black light only (UV light). It is best for those who loves to hide the design and show when they want to.

The other thing we noticed along the way that women (female) are in more numbers then men when it comes to get a tattoo. Women loves to get tattoos , and they generally prefers small tattoos.

Our body is one of complicated masterpiece made up by almighty lord . And there are hundreds of places to get one. But the difficult part is not all part hurts the same. Elbows , Knees , Ankles , head are some of the hardest part to get ink. The easy ones are upper back , chest , arms , wrist . Have you ever heard of gettin tattoo in eyes ? Here is a image proving that.

tattoos on eye
tattoos on eye

One thing we noticed that there are various types of artist. Some are quite popular and are better known as proffesional or artisians. And the other one can give you lots of valuable option like less price , buy 1 get 1 free and other promotional offers. they are known as scratchers. Scratchers dont make tattoos they destroy it and can give you more headache then a beautiful design. So dont go for a cheap tattoos as there is a old adage in tattoos world

“Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good”

THats all for today will see you all readers soon .